Cột Cờ Mai Châu

Viewpoint Mai Chau – The Panoramic Viewpoint of Mai Chau

When embarking on your journey to Mai Chau, the Viewpoint Mai Chau is an unmissable stop. Dubbed as a perfect rendezvous point, this is an ideal place to take in the breathtaking beauty of the Mai Chau valley before you explore Mai Chau itself. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to admire Mai Chau from a high vantage point, unveiling a magnificent perspective to capture the sparkling and enchanting moments through the lens of your camera.

View Mai Châu từ Cột Cờ

Where is Viewpoint Mai Chau

The Viewpoint Mai Chau is located in Tong Dau Commune, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, approximately 140km from Hanoi. To reach the viewpoint, you will travel on National Highway 6, specifically on the Thung Khe Pass. If you’re coming from Hanoi, just pass through the White Rock Pass (Thung Khe Pass), and you will see it. The viewpoint is also on the route to Moc Chau and Son La, making it a convenient stop on your journey.

The distance from the Viewpoint Mai Chau to the center of Mai Chau is approximately 15km, and it’s about 4km from the Tong Dau Intersection (the turnoff to Mai Chau).

Cột Cờ Mai Châu


Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ne5zXbfigGR5xzQJ6


Located at the summit of Thung Khe Pass, the Viewpoint Mai Chau symbolizes the strong bond between the people and their nation. This is where the Vietnamese flag proudly flies atop a tall pole, serving as a symbolic representation of unity, pride, and deep love for our Vietnam.

Cột Cờ Mai Châu

The Viewpoint Mai Chau is not only a symbolic representation of unity but also a valuable viewpoint. From the summit of the flagpole, you can immerse yourself in the panoramic view of the entire Mai Chau Valley – a magnificent natural painting with lush green fields, shaded trees, and distant mountains. The morning sunlight filters through the leaves, creating a unique play of colors across the vast fields. This is an opportunity for you to truly connect with the boundless nature of Mai Chau.

Starting from 2023, there have been several changes at the Viewpoint Mai Chau, including the entrance and check-in area. The former Mai Chau Flagpole area is now managed by a new entity called Top View Mai Chau. Here, you can enter free of charge without purchasing a ticket. At Top View, they primarily sell beverages and have improved the area’s aesthetics. When you visit, you can buy drinks to support them, and their prices are reasonable.

Top View Mai Châu

To enter, you will need to stop and park your vehicle about 100 meters from Viewpoint Mai Chau area, towards the direction of Hanoi (without a parking fee). Then, you can walk inside and you will see the beverage selling area of Top View Mai Chau, which is also the location of Viewpoint Mai Chau.

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